Monday, October 31, 2011

Our adventure!

Happy Halloween!! I love this holiday, seeing all the cute little witches, vampires, and ghosts walking around. This is Xanders 1st Halloween, but will be inside tonight helping mommy hand out the candy to all the goblins and staying warm!

We've had some big adventures these last few days. Last week on Thursday Xanders NG tube was bugging him tremendously, I decided that I was not going to retape the tube down if it started to come up. As the day went on he kept pulling at the tape and was making that tube come out more and more to where it was starting to bug me, so finally I had enough of it and pulled the tube out, knowing that Xander would ether need to start taking that bottle or I would have to put it back in. Ether way I was willing to do whatever I had to.

Xander took 2oz of his bottle that night before bed and had half of his pear baby food.

Friday he woke up and wanted nothing to do with the bottle (frustration for me) he would how ever eat baby food so I stuck with that. Aunty Libby came with rice cereal, baby crackers and baby puffs ( she's pretty excited about all of this like nick & I) Xander LOVES the rice cereal.

Xander that day still wanted nothing to do with the bottle and I knew that he HAD to have is formula in order to get all of the calories he needs and to stay hydrated.

Friday night he took another 2oz before bed, still not enough of what he needs. Saturday we all packed up and headed to dylans football game.

Our cute 13 year old neighbor also babysitter snatched Xander up as soon as she arrived. She and Xander have a special connection and he smiles so much when she is around. She took his bottle and wouldn't you know it the little booger ate all 4oz's of his bottle for her!!

As the day went on Xander would have some bottle but not big amounts. We decided to get him some pedialite just to keep him hydrated. Of course he loves that and ate that without a fuss. Obviously he has a sweet tooth!

During the night Saturday he finally became so hunger that he ate 8oz's of his formula ( thank you god), but of course the next day all he would want is his baby food.

I have to admit that it's very frustrating knowing that he HAS to have his formula to help with the HIGH calorie diet he is on but will not always take it, but it's a learning process and I will stick to it until he gets it.

I think for now Xander will be tubeless during the day and I will place his NG tube in each night just to help make up for calories he lacks through out the day!

Monday, October 17, 2011

O how the year has flown!

It's so crazy on how fast 2011 has gone, it really feels like just yesterday it was February and here we are now in October 14 days away from Halloween.

Sooo not ready for the winter and the sicknesses that we will be avoiding. I wish there was a fast forward button at times and I would only use it during the cold months where it seems everyone is ALWAYS getting sick!

Well Xander as of October 2nd is now 8 months and is still weighing in at 11 pounds 14 oz. I think he may have a complex on gaining weight lol. He is doing so great after his Glenn and you can really tell the difference in him too!

We have been working with a therapist that comes in twice a month and helps with his mobility and feeding. Xander has shown no interest in a bottle what so ever so we have passed that and have gone straight to a tippy cup which he loves.. Our goal as of right now is to have his NG tube out by thanksgiving!!!

He has cut two teeth in the last week making him super cranky and has decided that sleep is not necessary at night ( huh maybe not for him but sure is for me lol) so now we get to experiment with essential oils to help calm him more at night and relax Jim just a bit more ( hmmm can't imagine on why he may be tense lol).

Holidays are coming up and things will be really different with them and what we are used to but it's all for a good reason. We must make sacrifices when others feel they do not.

Xander will not need to go back to his cardi doc until he is 1, so in other words PCMC we love you dearly but we better not see you until February!!