Monday, June 4, 2012

16 months!

O my goodness where to start all all the progress we have made since our last post, so please forgive me if I repeat myself as I really did not go over the last post before writing this one.

You know how you sometimes come across a breath taking scene or even a moment and you want to capture that moment for a life time just so that you can look back on it and remember that feeling it gave you. I had a moment like this Saturday. Xander turned 16 months old, I watched him crawl around and just play his little heart out all day but it wasn't until he looked at me with his devilish little look he likes to pull right before he does something he knows he shouldn't, right then i seriously had one of those movie playback moments lol. I saw everything that he had gone through, the ups and the downs, the tears and the laughter through out the first 16 months of life and it made me smile to just think of how AMAZINGLY strong my little warrior is and how determined he is to be here with us.

Its moments like those that really take your breath away, and remind you what you should really be thankful for in life. Its taken along time for me to realize what is and is not important and a lot would say that family is the most important in life and as I would agree on this I don't 100% only because not all family is grand, but I do know that our little family means the WORLD to me and I will never take it for granted again, but what I realize is the most important is LIFE and how we live it, Xander is the biggest teacher on LIFE and what can be accomplished when you have the will.

Xander is walking around with the couch ( please someone knock him down if you ever actually see him walking with out the couch ;) It's great to see him move around so quickly as he does but momma just is not ready for him to do it on his own. He is 100% feeding himself these days and LOVES everything you  give him to eat and yes even crayons ( thanks to his older brother Anthani).

As the months continue to keep flying past us we are determined to make this summer the best one we have had in a LONG time. We were not able to do much last year since Xander had gone in for his Glenn procedure in July. So it will be lots of fishing, swimming, camping and new family traditions being made for life time of memories.

O and before I forget Xander has become a very opinionated little booger ( like we did not see that coming right.) He does not like it when you tell him no-no ( like any other kid of course) but the face he pulls with it makes you laugh. When one of his siblings is being reprimanded he has to put his 2 cents in at the end.

August will be his next cardi visit but I am sure everything will be just fine and I am sure I will worry as always 3 days before but hey I am the mom so I can!

Enjoy your summer everyone because this Waters Family is going to have a BLAST!