Wednesday, April 4, 2012

14 months

14 months! 14 months of ups and downs, laughter and tears, but 14 months of smiles, trials and experiences I'll never give back!

Xander amazes us everyday and yes I know I say that so much but really it's the truth. My cousin put it in such away that it really hit me, the words she spoke. " when you look at someone you can just see their meaning, the glow of sadness, happiness, wisdom etc. but when I look at Xander Sharrell, I see meaning. The glow about him just escapes him and takes your breath away, it's truly amazing".

After she stated this I literally looked at Xander and just stared at him. I watched his every move and finally he looked at me and just smiled and right at that very moment there it was, the glow and meaning that just surrounds his body in everyway. His blue eyes just shimmer at you and you can't help but just smile at him.

My family is extremely blessed to have him in our lives and be able to experience everything with him.

We have become such an advocate for him in our own little ways and yes some still don't get why we do the things we do for him or why we get so irritated or "blow things out of proportion" when others really should no better.

We do these things because we love him and want to help build him to be strong enough to move on.

We know we can't protect him from everything but we do what we can .

Some will never truly understand what it's like and will hold judgement and that's ok because they don't fully understand.

We have been given a gift and that gift is a wonderful, beautiful boy who is our warrior in so many ways!