Sunday, January 8, 2012

Update in the new year!

Well it's 2012, wow how 2011 flew by. I'm sure it's because during the majority of it I was in a walking fog, but 2011 definitely taught me many things about myself especially but also about my family!

I'm noticing as the weeks get closer to Xander's birthday my emotions are high. Just visiting the OBGYN and seeing all of these beautiful pregnant woman brings you back to where it was that happy period, you know the last few weeks of being pregnant counting down those days til you no longer have to share what little space you now have in your body and knowing your healthy baby will be in your arms soon.

Now you look at every pregnant woman wondering to yourself, "do they know there could be something wrong even though they have been told everything looks great"? Yep I have those thoughts and it's pretty normal to have them as well.

On a Xander update: he is crawling and exploring ALL over the house!!! It takes a lot out of him but he will rest in between each crawl until he gets to where he wants or what he's going after!

He will officially be off tube feeding for a month on the 14th!! I was SOOO excited to send that dang food pump back!!

Now if only I could get the oxygen stuff to go away, but that will come with time!


  1. Oh I think he looks like Mr. Mischievous. Celebrate the fact that you all have made it through the past year, and look at how much you have all grown. We also made a video put to music about Severins 1st year. It is very emotional to watch BUT sooooo worth it!

  2. good riddance feeding pump!!! happy day!