Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting closer to coming home again..

It will be 2 weeks this Saturday that Xander has been back in the hospital after only getting out on the 16th of April and was home for a week, But i am happy to report that his NEC has subsided and we are doing great. As of Monday they took him to have a swallow test done and unfortunately he failed on the thin but passed on his thickness, so they replaced his NJ tube after 10 days of not being able to have food while his intestines rested.

Now for today our little Xander decided he was going to be a naughty little man and pull that NJ tube right out, so that the speech therapist could not come in and make him eat from a bottle with thick nectar to see if we would be able to just go to a NG tube instead, but nope Xander wanted it his way...

I am so happy that we caught his NEC early and are not going to have to do the surgery. I am ready again to have him home but this time i would like him to stay home since on Monday 5/2/2011 he turned 3 months and that only gives us up to 3 months at the longest before his next heart surgery and I want to be able to hold and play with him as much as i can before all of that.

But for now i will let him enjoy the spoiling he is getting up there by all the nurses just as long as he agrees that once he gets home he's home for a bit lol

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