Monday, May 16, 2011

Home once more

Well our little Xander has made it home once more from PCMC. Xander came home on Friday 5/13/2011. Usually you seem to have bad days on Friday the 13th's but i definitely have to say that this one was a very blissful day!

Now that we have cleared the hurtle of the NEC ( necrotizing enterocolitis) we still need to watch for it as it can come back very easily since he has now had problems with it, but i caught it at the beginning of it the 1st time and i will catch it again.

Xander turned 3 months on 5/2/2011 and once more we celebrated it in PCMC but what better place to celebrate life than up there right. Mothers day came and my only wish was to have all of my kids together in the same room that day so off we went to spend it up in Xanders room, its a day i will never forget and will always hold dear to my heart.

Life is starting to get back to normal now that we have Xander home.

The only new news i have on Xander is when he came home he was sent home to be on his oxygen 24/7 again, with only having it fully gone for 3 weeks. Xander is having some trouble keeping his stats in the 75-85 area and his lasix has now gone up which both of these are starter signs that the 2nd heart surgery is just around the corner.  He is starting to sweat a bit more but color is still good and we have not had to up his air rate of .12 any higher.

We have his first actual Cardi appointment on June 15th and from there we will discuss when to do his surgery, but my gut instinct tells me we will be doing it late June early July area, but until them we will enjoy the days home with him and get him all strong and ready for that day!

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