Friday, December 2, 2011

10 months WOW!

WOW 10 months really?

Have you ever just looked at one of your kids in such away that it brings tears to your eyes? I have with all of my kids but today as Xander smiled his HUGE smile he does ever morning i just got teary eyed. I just stood there looking at him and brushing his little hairs away from his eyes and just smiled with tear filled eyes. Once taking him out of of his crib a squeezed him a little bit harder than usually. and kissed him all over mak
ing him laugh.

Xander is 10 months today, it has been 10 months of learning, waiting, crying, and worrying, and 2nd guessing yourself as well, but really its no different than any other mothers normal worry, yea us heart moms may have more meds to give out more doctor appointments to schedule more techniques to try on getting them to gain weight or even more techniques on getting them to be healthy, but really no matter what an
yone's situation is healthy or non all moms have their worries.

I was in the store the other day getting baby stuff of course ( gotta get those pounds on him lol) as i was checking out the lady asked me how old my baby was that i was buying for a replied " he will be 10 months in 2 days" at that moment it hit me "oh my gosh Xander has over come the odds that were given to him" and immediately my eyes started to fill AGAIN (for one that hates to show emotions really, Xander definitely has turned me into the biggest WEEPER lol) The poor clerk just looked at me and asked if
i was ok, i stated yes just tears of joy, she asked why so i simply told her Xanders story.

Of course once all was said and done the lady had tears too, but she told me that she was sorry that i had to go through all of this and that he had to as well, i stated I'm not sorry and nether should you, life is about teaching us things and loving things that we never thought was possible and showing us the strenght that is inside of us at all times but only comes out when we truly need it because we tell ourselves we are not strong, life is about treasuring the things that really matter most in life and Xander taught our little family that we can survive ALL.

So as well know the holidays are here, thanksgiving for us th
is year was pretty different for us but not in a bad way. We stayed home due to Xander getting sick the day before and i made my very first thanksgiving dinner all on my own it was AWESOME to say the least, but it was very memorable as well. It was just us for a change and in a way very peaceful, of course we missed the family, but it was just nice to sit home and celebrate with just us.

Now Christmas is right around the corner and i can not wait to see what this little man does with all of the presents around the tree. He already likes to get under the tree and play with the little ornaments that are close enough for him to touch lol.

This holiday season is different for me in so many ways. We have living proof that true miracles really do happen and i have 1 very inspirational miracle that i get to hold each day along with 4 others that amaze me more and more as the days come and go!

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