Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lasix is back!

Over these last few days Xander has been having a few struggles. With cardi taking him off of his lasix and oxygen we started noticing that he was coughing more, throwing up, breathing faster, he was just do uncomfortable that he did not even want to lay down or even sleep.

Last night came the overwhelming feeling that we would be taking up residency at the big house on the hill . I was NOT about to have that happen so with that overwhelming feeling came the mom instinct loud and clear, I has to give him his lasix, he needed that. Everything that was happening made me know that it was fluid he was retaining.

3-4 hours later after taking it he was able to calm and relax enough to fall asleep and not cough.

His pedi brought us in immediately this morning once going over everything and sure enough Xander was retaining fluids and fast. Gaining 1 pound 14 oz in 4 days would be great news if it weren't all fluid.

His oxygen level due to all of this has gone from 84 to 72. Needless to say Xander will be getting his lasix for a while and next time we aren't going off of it cold turkey but will wean instead!

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