Thursday, February 16, 2012

O how things can change in just 1 year.

Can I just say "What was I thinking" 7:30 am cardi appointment meaning 5:30 wake up time and out the door by 6:30 to get there on time. Well I was thinking of all the icky germs that we would be walking into, so being first see sounded awesome to me lol.

First I have to RAVE about the NEW riverton hospital and the primary's children area they have there, totally amazing, instead of it taking usually 2-3 hours up at the big house on the hill it was only 1 hour (thank you god) AND It truly felt like WE were the only ones there!!! LOVE IT!!

Xander's 5 month check up went AWESOME. Of course Xander forgot to check his grumpiness at the door but we made it through it. He would be fine and all happy UNTIL someone came at him with a medical equipment ( really can you blame the poor kid lol) but with the attitude he was giving we got what we needed to and that's all that mattered.

Dr P & Dr Miller are thrilled at how well he is doing, they love that he is actually gaining the weight with out being tube fed. His X-ray showed that all is great and they took him off his lasix med ( YAY 1 less med to have to give each day!) His EKG and ECHO showed that his valve leaks but nothing to even worry about as its such a little amount.

We were told that Xander can now be off oxygen completely but to still monitor his sats. and give back when needed and we don't go back for another 6 months woohoo!!

Today was a GREAT clinic day and it's such a major change from 1 year ago this month, it's truly AMAZING to see how far he has come and what he has overcame! Never underestimate what your little ones can do!!

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