Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here we go again.

Its amazing how life can change so quickly.One minute everything can be getting back to normal and calming a bit and then in a blink of an eye it can all change.

Xander came home on 4/16/11 from overcoming his RSV and HIB FLU, it was a very exciting day for us, our little X was coming home after 3 long weeks without him home. The week he was home was great. There was a nice calmness in the home and within all of us ( even with the other kids), but with in the one week he was home that calmness has now been deleted.

On 4/23/11 ( day before Easter) Xander woke up with some blood him his stool. I wanted to make sure it was actual blood in his stool and not from the nasty diaper rash he has right now from all of his meds he is on. So with the next diaper change i saw that there was even more blood and it was a bit brighter. I called his doc and he met me at his office.

He tested the stool to make sure it was actual blood ( which it was) and then looked in his diaper to see if he had, had another stool output, which he had and again this one was brighter and had even more blood, so it was off to primarys we were sent.

Xander had 3 X-rays done and an ECO as well. His cardi doc just so happened to be the on call Cardi doc for the weekend so that was very nice and easy for me. Once all X-rays and ECO results were in i had 3 doctors come in my ER room ( never a good sign i have found out over these last few months)

I was told that his ECO looks great but what they saw in his X-ray was something they were hoping they would not see. Xander has Necrotizing Enterocolitis.

Necrotizing enterocolitis is an infection and inflammation of the intestine that is seen within the first two weeks to three months after birth, most commonly in babies born prematurely. The disease may occur when the immune and digestive systems are not properly formed. Symptoms may include a swollen, shiny belly, bloody stools, fast heartbeat, and vomiting. Treatment includes intravenous feeding in a hospital neonatal intensive care unit, antibiotics, and possibly surgery to remove damaged parts of the intestine.

As of right now Xander is back in PICU at PCMC and is being observed, we are on antibiotics and are having x-rays done every 6 hours to see if there is any change good or bad. We are hoping that the antibiotics re working if not we more than likely will be having surgery to cut the damaged area out of the intestine. He could be there for 2 weeks  or he may be there for a month it all depends on what direction everything decided to go.

Just remember that life can turn in any direction in any minute of any day and don't take things for granted in any way, i know we don't anymore.  Even though Xander will not be able to be with us on Easter that is not going to stop us from having an Easter egg hunt with him. Easter eggs will be hiding in his room to find.

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