Monday, April 11, 2011

A lot going on

Well a lot has gone on since the last time I was able to update on here so here we go. Xander is still in the hospital but is starting to get better day by day. This virus and the bacterial flu that contracted really has done a number on his poor little body, but he is a fighter and will continue to fight, but in the mean time nick and i are getting our new home in to order so that when he is ready to come home everything is in its place and clean for him. Xander was extubated on Friday of last week and has been doing well with not having it in, he does still breath pretty fast at times but the high flow they have him on (5 liters) i holding him steady, they are going to ween him slowly, he is also going through some narcotic withdrawals right now so is pretty cranky but its ok its just one more step closer to getting him out of the ICU. He is now 8 pounds YAY he is actually starting to gain weight and this time we can actually say it is him and not fluid that he is holding in. I am so ready to have him home so that our family can be complete again, the kids are having a hard time with him being gone since it will be 3 weeks since they have seen him, but i make sure that i take lots of pictures for them so that they can see how he is doing.
Pure love

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  1. So precious! I hope he gets moved out of the ICU soon and then home! But not too soon :)