Thursday, July 21, 2011


You know it never gets easier being a heart mom or dad for that matter, but it does get more inspiring.

Xander went in for his 2nd OHS on Tuesday July 19th. The procedure that he had done this time around is called the Glenn. In basic terms they took one of the blood supplies from his head down to his PA which will allow him to get more blood supply though out his body but will give him some major pressure headaches for a few days.

He definitely looks pinker to us but he has been pretty pale for a while so its a great change to see for us..

However that afternoon after surgery Xander decided he was going to be the booger that he is and not do as the doctors and nurses wanted. They tried ti extubate him and with 30 minutes or so he was re-intubated.. This is not Xanders first rodeo of doing this i promise and the docs know this as well so they backed off and decided to just let xander as he always wishes and will let him rest for 48 hours. Yep he has mommies stubbornness and dads go with the flow.

Well our 48 hours were up today and of course Xander should much improvement so they decided he was telling them he was ready and sure enough out it came and he help his oxygen, he does need some high flow still but only because his right lung had collapsed during the first extubation but he is quickly coming off of that too and should be on regular oxygen by morning.

I must say that this surgery has so far been the easiest on me as mom. I did not have the worries as i did with the first, he is not has sedated as he was with the first. he was moving around with in 48 hours and smiling and cranky ( yep loved to hear him cry). This surgery has seriously helped me see and believe that life with the Glenn is going to be totally different and a lot better.

We have got to meet so many heart buddies this time around. We got to meet Nicole & Kyler (fontan), Abby and Michelle ( heart transplant), Amy and Abby ( fontan), Asher ( fontan), Have not been able to meet with Carman and Xander yet but will soon. It is so nice to have others around that are going through what we are and be able to talk to them and know that they know all of the feelings and not have to feel like we are the only ones.

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