Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home sweet Home!!

Xander made his way back home to us on Tuesday July 26th. That Tuesday marked the one week after surgery. I am still amazed at how we were able to bring him home just one week after all of that. Can you even imagine that being you? Think about it really, if that were an adult most of us would probably just Ly there and beg to not be touched, but when it comes to a baby, child, or teenager they seriously show all of us adults up in the recovery department. Just goes to show that these little ones mean business..

Xander came home on .25 of oxygen and his NJ tube (yay for not bringing any other tubing home lol). I have to admit that the first 2 nights home were pretty rough. Xander has to get used to all of the new blood flow going from head to heart and is still healing from the chest and tubes incisions, so he has been a bot of a pill, but now things have started to level out and he is becoming himself again.

We have our post op visit on August 10th which also happens to be nick and I's 10 year anni. Would want to spend the day any other way to be honest. Xander will also be having another swallow test done on that day. We really need to start working hard on this now that we have a 3-5 year gap before the next surgery so that he can at least get away from the tube. We were told that we would not be able to do a G-tube like most kids are able to do, due to some underlining reasons that have happened in the 5 months he has been here. It could cause some serious problems for him.

Early intervention will now be coming to our home each month to work with Xander and help get him caught up developmentally. I'm thinking it wont take long to be honest but you never know with Mr. X since he has his own hidden agenda lol.

So Far now we are getting ready for the upcoming school year, football practices and dance run around. It definitely going to be a great Fall in the Waters house hold.

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