Monday, July 25, 2011

over the past few days

Well it has been some great days up here at the PCMC..

Xander graduated from the CICU on saturday afternoon and went on up to the CSU on the 3rd floor. You have NO IDEA how it felt to see our little one move from the CICU in just 4 days after spending 3.5 weeks in the CICU the first time around..

It truly amazes me on how strong these babies/kids are.

Xander is off of all of his meds (besides his normal everyday ones), all chest tubes are gone, his incision looks great and o my word he has more color to him and not just pale and blue..

Its been nice getting know more heart buddies and parents, to see how each child has a story that is similar to Xander's to not feel alone but to also help others cope along the way with their new journey. We definitely have found a new family to be apart of.

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