Friday, July 1, 2011

The time has come and the date is set!

Well the time is here. I got the phone call last week from the cardi team at PCMC to set up the Xanders surgery date. I am not sure if this happens to all but when i looked down at my phone and saw the 801-662 # my heart started pounding and my hands started to shake, I knew that this phone call was for and did not want to answer it, but knew that it was time. I wanted to cry the whole time I was on the phone with the lady but i held it together until after i hung up. A lot of emotions go through you, Happy, nervous, scared, sick to the tummy, and just plain out MAD.

That night i watched Xander sleep, i watched him breathe, watched him flutter his eyes as he was dreaming and watched the cute little smiles he would get while having these dreams and I kept thinking to myself " Does he really have to go through this again?" and the stupid "What If's." I swear if i could take his place i would in an instant. Handing your baby over to a surgeon is never the easiest but when you know it is a must its even harder. Nothing is a promise but each day is a gift and i will take those gifts everyday!!

Xander will be having his heart cath & Eco sedation on July 11th. This will be a 3-4 hour procedure but will allow them to see and know what they need to know or do to help for his surgery!

On July 19th Nick & I will be handing over Xander to his surgeon Doctor Kaza to mend Xander's heart for the 2nd time. The procedure that he will be doing this time is called the "Glenn". It will allow Xanders heart to have less pressure this time around and "should" be able to keep up with him until he is between 3-5 years of age and then at that point the next surgery will happen.

We are blessed to have Doctor Kaza as our surgeon and it helps knowing that he loves these babies to no end.

So with all of this coming up we have been told to have some family outings, so we will be spending the 4th with family and watching Xander's facial expressions as the fireworks go off and enjoying the time we have with him home until the big day, but there will be more to come after as well!!


  1. I hope the Glenn goes well for you and hiccups please!! Good luck. We'll be praying!

  2. Hi My name is Angee Quist. My heart Hero will be one tomorrow! If you need to talk to someone about the Glen and other heart stuff my email is and our family blog is

  3. our family also expanded to 7 in february, and it was also a little heart warrior, our princess Sajda...who 5 days later had her first open heart surgery...

    Praying that everything goes well for your Xander!