Saturday, February 26, 2011

Almost time!

Xander was moved out of the ICU today and up to the childrens surgical unit YAY!!  He is starting to suck on his pacifiers more and more each day which is great. It has been a long 2 days for nick and I since we have had sick kids at home and would not go up there to bring him more germs to possible make him sick, but it was a great day to go up to see him out of the ICU and to also see that all of his bandages had been taken off of his chest. His chest looks amazing. Nick and I really were expecting to see him with this really massive wound from his open heart surgery but WOW it so was not that way it looks amazing. On Monday they will be placing a PICC up through the back of his leg to help give him his antibiotics and to be able to draw blood with out having to poke at him all the time and let me tell you i am definitely ok with that since i myself got to witness the drawing of the blood tonight and how hard it is for them to do it on him since his little veins have already been through so much it just put me into tears to see him cry the way he did. His nurse told us tonight as well that with them putting the PICC line in we more than likely will go home with him this week and have a home health care nurse come in to make sure all is well. Fingers crossed on that!!!

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