Friday, February 18, 2011

Gettiing Closer

Just a run down for everyone of what has happened from 2/3/2011 up until now. Xander was Life flighted 16 hours after birth to PMC ( primary children's hospital) We were told that his left side of his heart did not grow. He was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Ventricle. On the 7th of Feb Xander had his first heart surgery. He did great. As the days went by he started to go up and as we were told from the beginning we needed to expect some set backs as well. We had our first set back on Monday the 14th they had to go in and do an emergency BRONC to clean out his lungs., At that time we were told that his lower left lobe of his lung and his upper right lobe of his lung had collapsed. They also decided to do a CATH on the morning of the 15th to see what was going on with his heart to make the lungs collapse the way they did. 

We found out that the shunt that they had to place in his heart and kinked causing the oxy blood not to be able to get to the lungs properly. So with the CATH procedure they were able to place a stint into his shunt to keep it open. 

It is now the 18th of Feb and Xander is doing GREAT. they have been able to get him off of his nitric and are taking away his pain meds slowly each day. He is awake more and i get to see his beautiful eyes stare at me. It will be 2 weeks this Sunday that i have been able to hold him but that will soon change as they have been able to take 2 of his tubes away and are working on getting his breathing tube out. He does have a small blood clot in his left leg due to the CATH procedure but they have upped one of his meds to help get that to go away and are watching it very closely. We are getting closer each day to being able to bring him home. Xander is are delicate but strong heart warrior and we are truly blessed to have him in our lives.

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