Saturday, February 26, 2011

Little tiny set back

Xander is making great progress, we had a little set back from being moved out of the ICU this week due to a 102.2 fever. The tested Xander for RSV, UTI, & a blood stream infection. AS of Thursday night we were told that the rapid RSV test result was negative. On Friday morning we were told that his blood test came back positive for the blood stream infection, which they are saying was cause by the ARTline that was in his right arm that they had taken out that day. They had already started him on antibiotics the day prior as precaution which has helped get rid of the fever and his heart rate to come back down to where it needs to be. Nick and i have not seen Xander since Wednesday night and it has been really hard, but Trever and Anthani became sick and we did not want to bring any germs up there with us to spread to him. Xander is being spoiled by the nurses that take care of  him during the day and night. They just love to hold him, which makes it a little easier not being able to be up there with him knowing that he is still being held and loved on.

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