Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Over the last few days

Well i know i have missed a few days on posting updates about Xander so i do apologize for that. Well since the last post we have had some exciting things happen. On Monday Xander was taken off all of his meds but one which is for the blood clot in his leg we get to hold him everyday now and with the ventilator out he is able to make little squeaky sounds when he tries to cry that have now turned into stronger crying sounds as the days have gone by. On Tuesday Xander was taken off of his blood clot med, but will go back on it but will have shots instead of it going through his art line, only because come tomorrow morning they are taking that ARTline out. We were told tonight that don't be surprised if they move him out of the ICU tomorrow sometime and upstairs YAY!! I was able to hold Xander tonight up against my chest, O how I have missed being able to do that over these past few weeks. With today being his 3 week birthday i look at him and just smile with joy that we were chosen for this most wonderful delicate gift of all. He is also starting to learn how to suck on his pacifier that they have given him just to test how he will do on the swallow test come this next week. I feel that we are going to do just fine on this but i am sure we will have an NJ tube ( feeding tube) when we come home for a bit only so that his vocal cords can get stronger.O yes the most exciting news for this week is that Xander had his stitches removed on Monday as well, few more weeks and we will be home with him.


  1. Awwwww-- he looks so much like Mr. Pickles!!

    So glad to hear that he is doing better. Many many prayers for you!

  2. Ohhh, he is so beautiful!!! I will continue to pray for Xander and thank you Sharrell for keeping us posted. Please let us know if ever you need anything... Love you