Saturday, February 19, 2011

Great day!

Xander is getting better and better each day, Today we had some great things happen. Xander was taken off of is Lasiks medicine. The day before they took his cathador out and they also took out one of his tubes that was going into the side of his stomach area. As of today we were told that more than likely his tubes that are going into his heart will be coming out tomorrow which means, MOMMY and DADDY get to HOLD him AGAIN YAY!! It will be 2 weeks tomorrow since we have been able to hold our little monkey so we are hoping that they will be able to take those out so that we can have him back in our arms once more. At 4:30 this after noon they decided to do a CPAP ( turning off his breathing assistance) to see how he would do and if he would be able to keep his breathing stats in the 80's. Xander was off of this for 45 minutes and i am proud to announce that he kept his stats in the high 80's and his heart was also able to handle it as well. They have taken his ver-sed away and are only giving him pain meds when it seems that he is in discomfort but he did not need anything until last this evening which at that time they gave him some Tylenol and he feel right back asleep. Our little monkey is showing us how strong he really is and what will he has with in him. Soon our family will be home all together!

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  1. That is so great to hear. Im praying for him everyday! Love you guys!