Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nurse, Doctors, & Xander!!

Last night Xander had one of our FAVORITE nurses miss Mindy, As crazy as it may sound i seriously feel so much at peace when i know it is Mindy that Xander has as a nurse. Anyways Mindy called me bright and early this morning just to tell me that Xanders ambi cord finally fell off lol ( see they had to put what are called RA lines through that when he was life flighted and because of that it kept it moist enough to not fall off until now) well at that point i had asked her if she had saved it for me which then her voice changed and said no. I have saved all of the others when they have fallen off so that i could put it in their scrapbook (gross to some by special to others). LOL she immediately got off the phone with me and then 15 minutes later called back and  yelled "THE AMBI CORD HAS BEEN FOUND & SAVED... I REPEAT THE AMBI CORD HAS BEEN FOUND & SAVED." Miss Mindy had gone through the trash in the room to just to save it for me. This lady will do anything for her patients i swear!! Mindy then advised me that after the little tiff i put up and that she as well put up with the doctors in the PICU, I have gotten the  cardi nurses to now take care of my baby X instead of the PICU nurses. Xander needs these cardi nurses since they know EXACTLY what can be done and what can not be done to him that really the PICU nurses do not since he is such a special case. I also got my way on having a cadi doc do rounds in his room each morning as well to hear what the other docs have planned for him that day and to approve of it as well. I am Xanders voice right now and i am not afraid to express it ether. During rounds this morning they had discussed bringing his nitric down to 5 from 10. They did this at 11. Once doing that it made his stats go to 73 so we are going to stay at 5 for  until he brings that number up on his own per cardi doctors order. Xander is fighting not only 1 virus but 2 so it is going to take some time to get back up there and there is  no need to push him any faster than he can go right now. Now the other news we got today is not the greatest but its  something that we can fix eventually. Xander is still not gaining any weight with the new change of food calorie intake. He is now past his birth weight by 3 oz so from the sounds of it we may be going up to a 40 calorie diet instead of the 30 we were just moved to, that will be decided here shortly. Other than that we are moving along and making good progress and now we let him move at his own pace. He will decided when it is time and no one else!

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  1. It is always great to have nurses you love. Mindy is special to us too!