Thursday, March 3, 2011

So much information

Well today marks a month that Xander arrived at PCMC by life flight, and you deffintly would not think by looking at him now it was only a month ago. He looks amazing. Nick and I have been learning all we need to know about his meds, how to distribute them how to properly flush his lines before and after, how to feed him through his NJ tube, and so much more. Its very nerve racking to know that there is so much we have to do and watch for but the only reason why that is, is because we want to make sure we are doing it right and nothing happens. its pretty scary that is for sure. I think the one that scares me the most is his PICC line and how we have to be very careful with that one. If anyone has had to deal with a PICC line before you know what i am talking about then. But with all that we have to learn and are being taught i am super excited that it is finally here cause that means he's coming to the stage of going home soon, but when?!?!?!?

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