Sunday, March 27, 2011

Turning around

Yesterday was a very uneventful day for Xander. In fact it was a very frustrating day to say the least not just for me but for the doctors as well and it was stressful for Xander. We started the morning with an xray which showed that or right lung was still collapsed in areas. Then we had 4 doctors in our room brainstorming on what to do next. So we paralyzed him so that we could be in control of his breathing to take the stress away from him but that did not work, his #'s did not go up like that had thought they would by doing that. We took blood every hour to see where our blood gas levels were and they would go up and down but would show that he was not letting all of the carbon dioxide so it was back to the drawing board, it was test after test from there and still not knowing what to do. Then at midnight his nurse requested zopinex (breathing treatment) one that is not harmful to him due to his heart. Thing started to die down after that he became more peace full and gas tests started to come back better, at around 4am he fully turned around and is now having a very relaxing day and all doctors are please with what is happening so we are giving him zopinex every 4 hours his xray this morning showed that his right lung is starting to inflate again. So from here we watch and let him do his thing as he gets back on the road of recovery.  

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  1. Wow, I'm so glade that he is doing better today. I wish you guys all the best. You are a very strong woman/mommy!