Monday, March 28, 2011

Setteling Down

Its been a relaxing day for Mr.X today. He has decided to fight back on this virus and is winning the battle. Today was to be our long all day appointments with his cardiology doctor and other labs but instead Xander stayed in his bed and rested so that he can come home soon. We found out yesterday that Xander not only had RSV but he also contracted HIB. HIB is a bacterial flu that you are immunized for with the first round of immunizations when 2 weeks to 2 months old, but see with Xander having his heart surgery we have not been able to get him immunized and really are not allowed to until the beginning of April which would be this Friday. HIB is a very dangerous flu and can cause very many problems and give you many different diseases as well. One of those would be spinal menagitis. However we feel that we started treating early enough that we will be ok since it has not gone into the blood stream. As of now we are starting to ween him from his nitric and then we will work on his oxygen levels but as of right now we are at 50% oxygen. Each day he will continue to fight those ugly viruses away and will soon be home again with all of us.

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