Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Alert today

Baby X was very alert today. He is having some good improvements  oxygen wise but now we are starting to battle other problems. This morning they weighed him and he gained a significant amount of weight, which really can not happen in just a 24 hour period especially after only upping his calorie intake by 2 calories, so we are now starting to gain to much fluid within our body so we are trying to figure out why and are needing to figure out how much we need to up his lasix now before it gets around his heart. so as of right now he looks like a plump little baby to bad that is not how it is all the time but eventually it will be. Also the blood clot in our left leg is still the same so we are looking at upping the dosage of our Lovenox as well. Xander is also starting to vomit again even with the tube down his throat, we are starting to worry that he is starting to aspirate on the acidy vomit since he does not know how to swallow properly, so tomorrow during rounds they will discuss how to handle this obstacle as well. Xander is going to be our little miracle worker and will show us all how things need to be done with him. You will not be able to push him but he will show you how he wants to do it on his own time. He is my angel in so many ways and has shown me so many things that i was blind to before, he is already a teacher and will continue to teach all of those around him as well as time goes on. it was very calming to sit and stare into his beautiful blue eyes today and talk to him like there was no one else in the room with us, I even got a few smiles too. I must have bored him though after our long hour talk and staring contest cause he then fell asleep. Tomorrow is a new day and with that brings more miracles.

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