Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Xander had a great day today. They were able to get him off of the nitric completely and have moved his oxy help level from 55% to 50%. They are hoping to get him extabated tomorrow. Each day that goes by he gets better and better, i am truly happy that we are letting him tell us how fast we can go and not letting the doctors do it as fast as they would like. I was told this morning that i would not have to give up giving him breast milk but that they would be fortifying it a bit more with another product as well. They are moving the calories from 30 to 32 now and testing it out to see if they may need to go a bit higher on it, but with him fighting off 2 viruses his body it working overtime and is burning so much that we just can not keep up so hopefully we can get it all worked out the way we need it to and he will begin to gain weight.

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